Sunday, October 12, 2008

28 Sunday A

today will go down in my mind, for several small reasons, as being one of my worst Sunday mornings so far. I mean, nothing terrible happened, nobody besides me probably even noticed the little things. But strangely, it went well. I was probably stretched in a good sort of way.
+my microphone decided to not work at all today--it was fine yesterday! so at the last minute I had to teach a cantor the Psalm [who had never cantored here before], teach the choir the solo part of the entrance antiphon and Gospel Accl [very last minute] run through 2 hymns with a violinist 10 minutes before Mass who had only played for me once, I just felt SO tired especially for the 1st Mass-I have no idea why; one of my choir members thought it was a good idea to go downstairs and receive Communion-right before I started the choral communion anthem!, I didn't get through nearly as much as I wanted to in the reharsal before Mass, in fact, all of the last minute teaching kind of added up so I didn't do a single prelude before the 10:30! I mean, I knew that I would have to run through with the violinist at the last minute...but everything else took longer than I thought, and then having to teach the extra stuff that I normally pull off myself because of the microphone not working really topped it off! (even though I did have in the back of my mind that I want to start getting someone else singing the Psalm, I just never get around to it cuz there is no time! so maybe today was a needed push-from-Above to get me to let go? hehe...)

here's for the 10:30 with the choir:
Entrance: Si Iniquitates, in English to solemn Psalm tone
Offertory: Faith of Our Fathers
Communion: Aufer a Me
Ave Verum (L. Perosi)
Humbly We Adore Thee (Adoro Te)
Final Song: Come Holy Ghost (Lambilotte)

but, it could have been so much worse...I could have been sick, the organ could have gotten a cipher, none of my choir members could have shown up...etc.

oh yeah, and get this that happened yesterday:
usually Fr. does the announcements and THEN does the final blessing, but yesterday I still have no idea if he gave the final blessing, I just know that he gave the announcements and then announced the last song, but if he HAD already given the final blessing, I had zoned out. So, I was up in the choir loft waving at him to give the final blessing. and he was like, "Mara thinks I didn't give the final blessing. Did I?" and half the people were like "no," (those who weren't paying attention like me.) and half the people were like "yes." And he said he thought he did.
Next time, I am just going to shut my mouth (or, rather, just play the song when I'm told to play it!)


Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I thought you did fine.

The Violin could have been "avoided", though....

Gavin said...

I think there comes a point where you just have to say "sorry, I wanted to do this, but it's not going to happen today." And then go home after Mass and drink a lot.

I REALLY hated those kind of days, where preparing for Mass takes until 1 minute before! At least you got a good priest-mistake, those always brighten my day :P I recall singing at an EF Mass here when, after the sermon, the priest went to the altar, put on his maniple, and sang, "Gloria in excelsis Deo!" Ha!