Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catholic Devotions

I grew up with hardly ANY exposure to things "traditionally Catholic." (I am from a very interesting parish, where most people do/did not seem to appreciate traditional music, such as organ and chant.) I got to know some basic Latin texts (such as the Mass) and classical arrangements through singing in various high school choirs. (Our church choir did some traditional works, but that was not the main style of music.)
Really, Eucharistic Adoration with praise and worship music was the extent of my Catholic devotions.
And yet, I still haven't quite figured out exactly why or how, even though people occasionally ask me, somehow I became interested in Latin, and chant, and even the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. (I think it may have had something to do with a combination of reading blogs and certain friends from music school).

But now I feel as thought I missed out on some sort of Catholic developmental-type-thing.
I mean, I didn't know until my current job what was the response to "You have given them Bread from Heaven." (and I still don't know it in Latin...)
And even more applicable to my job...what's a Tenebrae service? 40 Hours Devotion? (well, ok, that's all I can think of for now...)
And then what kind of MUSIC goes with them?! Am I supposed to do something?
We're going to have 40 hours devotion in November...should I take some initiative and get some people to sing at some point?
what about this Tenebrae thing that everyone always talks about during Lent? My boss mentioned a year or two ago we should do it. Does that mean it won't happen if I don't go ahead and do it? (It's not like the choir is bored during Holy Week or anything...)
so am I a bad music director if I don't just go ahead and figure out what I need to do and take initiative?
I feel rather...incompetent.
My point in all this was, I feel particularly incompetent b/c I seem to have missed out on these Catholic public devotions while growing up, and now...if I'm supposed to DO anything for them, well, I am quite at a loss.

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