Monday, October 06, 2008

Perosi, Recruiting, and Teaching

The Laudate Dominum by Perosi went excellently yesterday
I'm not really familiar with him, but the choir will be singing a Ave Verum next week by him, and there is a very interesting looking Ave Maria
who is he?
I am definitely a fan of 2-part music!
My choir has been going better than I expected a month ago. After an aggressive recruiting drive (involving sending lots of facebook messages to people I had never met,) I have 4 or 5 new members, bringing my Sunday regulars up to about 11 singers!
After struggling to find a time that people could rehearse, most of the choir has started to rehearse Sundays from 9:10-10:15am. That's when some of the new recruits are able to rehearse, (actually, everyone can rehearse on Sunday before Mass!) but having them there is making the older members realize that they actually are missing out on they show up even if they already attended the Thursday rehearsal! Let's hope this keeps up.
It has really been great, even some of the choir members who don't really like latin enjoyed the energetic but still pretty easy Laudate Dominum.
I know some would question the orthodoxy of dividing up the men and women into just 2 parts, (for example for the Soprano-Alto Laudate Dominum, I put Sopranos and Tenor on the top line, and Altos and Bass on the bottom line. ) [notice the singular. it was intentional...]
With my small numbers I have difficulty doing anything SATB, it takes too long to teach the one or tenors or bass very much on their own, I would rather just have them sing with their corresponding women's parts; I think it still gives a nice, rich sound.

Ok, I read about him.
too bad they don't teach you about guys like him in music school...

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