Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Rossini Propers

For a while, I read online about "the Rossini Propers," usually mentioned with a bit of disdain.
I was never quite sure what exactly it was referring to musically, and I was even more confused by the fact that I had found in my choir loft two old books written/edited by "Rossini," containing 3 part polyphonic settings of some of the propers (mostly for feasts. I knew they weren't complete.)
I had difficulty believing that these were the Rossini Propers, looked down upon by so many. Trite at times as they seemed, I doubted many choirs could "easily sight-read them."
So, I was somewhat confused about to what everyone was referring!
Until, last August, I held in my hands, for the very first time, The Rossini Propers.
And then I knew what all the fuss was about.
Truly, the texts just set to a psalm tone.
hey, I could have done that! (In fact I do, every week, just in English...)
I suppose I should obtain a copy, for the probable but distant possibility that I might have to use them with a choir for the Extraordinary Form...

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