Sunday, October 07, 2007

28 OT C

Open: Now Thank We (Nun Danket)
Offertory: Healer of Our Every Ill
(or choir There's a Wideness, with bells to the tune Holy Manna)
Communion: Aufer a me
Let All Mortal Flesh (Picardy)
Close:Immaculate Mary


Cantor said...

Careful! Someone from TLM will see that you’re planning Haugen! ;-)

Are you doing “Let All Mortal Flesh” as a 2nd communion, or as thanksgiving?

Mara Joy said...

depending on how full the church is, I'll start it when 1/2 or 3/4 of the people have gone to communion, and aim to finish it around the time that the priest and deacon sit down.
so...not exactly sure what that qualifies as...

BONIFACE said...

But this ins't at all what you played on Sunday at 8:00.

Mara Joy said...

that's cuz that was 27 OT C.