Thursday, October 18, 2007


ok, that was easier than I thought. but I'm still not quite sure how to put the words where I want them. oh well. ok,

top: the church a few months ago. sans altar rail, and with way too much carpet.

next: with altar rail

third: my view (still under construction)

bottom: stained but unvarnished wood floor. It really shows how old the church actually is. hopefully 4 coats of polyurthene will help it look a little better. when they re-did the sanctuary floor a few years ago, someon had the bright idea to make sure it matched neither the wood floor (which, I suppose didn't really matter cuz it was then put under the carpet!) nor the pews, nor the altar rails (which were moved to in front of the first pews.) so now nothing matches. great.

(I'm gonna put up more pictures as the project is completed. like when the floor is varnished and the dust is cleared away...)

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Cantor said...

You know, what I notice more than the communion rail is the ATROCIOUS table-altar!

Good grief - THIS is where the very Body and Blood of Christ is made present? The thing looks hardly sturdier than a folding table!

Otherwise, your church looks a fair amount like the church where I grew up - mine was a bit more decorated, but the same basic idea.