Saturday, April 07, 2007

the anguish of being a church musician on Easter Eve!

A couple of my close friends are becoming Catholic tonight at two different Easter vigils, none of which are at my church.
And I, for obvious reasons, cannot celebrate with either one of them.
Not only can I not attend either of their Vigils, but I can't go to any "after-parties" either!
It's not just that I have to get up and go to Mass and could come home and re-rack, it's that I have to get up at 6:45, LEAD music for 2 Masses, then sing some difficult music for a third one, then go immediately to celebrate Easter with the fam for the rest of the day.

but I am otherwise quite happy. One of these conversions, I have been personally praying for almost daily for FOUR years!
which makes the inability to celebrate it immediately even more difficult.
But perhaps that is for the better, for now at least.
There will likely be much more time later to celebrate. :-)

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