Tuesday, April 03, 2007

quick Triduum rundown for those who care...

Holy Thursday:
Lift High the Cross
Psalm by K. Blaney (for 3 women)
Feet Washing: Lord Whose Love in Humble Service, What Wondrous Love
Offertory: Where Charity and Love Prevail
Communion: Choir sings little Pange Lingua ditty by Rossini
Humbly We Adore Thee
At that First Eucharist
Transfer of Eucharist: Sing My Tongue (Pange Lingua)

Good Friday:
Psalm from Respond and Acclaim
Veneration: Were You There
O Sacred Head Surrounded
Jesus Walked (if needed)
Communion: Surely He Has Born Our Griefs (R. Holtz)
Sing My Tongue (Picardy)

Easter Vigil:
Pslams: mix of Respond and Acclaim and contemporary (but reverent!) composers
Litany of the Saints: Becker (but with variations as in the names of actual Saints!)
Sprinkling: Baptized in Water (Bunesson)
Offertory: O Sons and Daughters (O Filiae...)
Communion: same little ditty by Rossini from Thursday
Alleluia Sing to Jesus
Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks
Close: The Strife is Over

And also-possibly of some interest to those who are still reading this-I am getting to be more interested in having a more complete compliation of blogs/websites of interest to those involved in liturgical planning, and particularly music. I'll contact the few of those who I am aware of after the craziness of Easter, but I wouldn't mind getting a head start. Any ideas of websites that I don't have listed to the left? (I know all of those aren't liturgically oriented, someday when I have more time I will sort them better...)

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Anonymous said...

I miss music lists :P

For Holy Thursday, I used "When I Survey", I find it's a good "cross" tune without being too happy. Although I would have loved to use "lift high". Foot washing is Ubi Caritas, in Latin, and of course the Transfer is Pange Lingua!

Good Friday I have a cantor singing all the responsorial stuff a capella! That'll be cool! Ummm during Veneration I have an anthem then the congregation sings the Stabat Mater in English. Then the cool part: for the "preparation of the altar" I'm using "O Sacred Head", but I'm using the Lutheran translation, which is 10 verses :P I cut it down to 6 to avoid the inevitable complaining, but it'll still be cool! I have a setting of it for the last verse which puts the melody in the pedals!

Vigil, nothing too amazing. We are singing the proper Alleluia, and I'm having the congregation join in! I'm doubtful that they really will, but it'll be cool anyway, even though I'm cantoring it myself :P

Easter, I have a cool anthem. I only have 2 singers per part on it, and they probably won't be audible, but it's still a cool anthem :P Brass totally fell through, I have a habit of procrastinating on everything (inherited from my mom) so I'm scrapping together what I can.

Enjoy! Sounds like a fun 3 days!