Sunday, April 15, 2007

New translation.

After hearing about this whole new Mass translation thing, and being able to read snippets of it and being aware of and impressed with the increase of...sacred language? less banality? anyhow, I've been excited and looking forward to being able to read the whole thing. When it appeared in the Catholic blog world a couple days ago, I was quite happy. It lived up to my expectations, and I'm just so excited with the reverence and the beauty of the language that it conveys, and the respect of the Mystery of our Faith.

so, I was so excited about this, I just had to share it with my roommate. note, she is a relatively devout Catholic, traditionally leaning, but not someone who keeps on top of all the latest liturgical happenings. Basically, a good example of a typical pew sitter who is also a good Christian.
So I asked her if she was aware of this new Mass translation, and she wasn't, so I explained that a little, then I was so excited, I just had to read parts of the translation to show her what I meant about it being more reverent and less banal. So I read her a little bit, and she just kind of shrugged, "I like it how it is now...?"

ah! If she, who is intelligent, college educated, and not narrow-minded, can't appreciate the beauty of these words, how will other average church-goers?!

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