Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday night ramblings

so I spent all week being terrified about how to introduce the Latin memorial acclamation, especially after (as I blogged about before) the worship committee meeting on Monday, and my realization that there are people in the Church with good hearts, but who really don't understand why we are re-introducing Latin and chant and such, and I certainly didn't feel equipped to explain it to them,
after choir on Thursday night, I realized that even the choir had a relatively difficult time learning these two lines of latin chant, and there was even some, um, criticism which I didn't really know how to respond to.
so this afternoon before Mass I was able to talk to Father and express to him my concerns, and (this is one of the things that I LOVE about him) he is able to read between my inarticulate expressing about what I'm worried.
so he stood up with me before Mass and helped explain a little about why we were doing this...
I know it sounds almost unecessary, but you have to understand how much of an UNpastoral personality I have. I would have just gotten up there and been like, " we're gonna learn this thing..."
but he explained it so well! Like, I know why we are doing this, I just can't usually articulate it!
It will be interesting to see how it goes over tomorrow and in the future...

next is the Sanctus, then the Gloria! so this is an experiment to see how long it really takes the congregation to pick up...
(the Gloria is SO long! where do you even BEGIN teaching that to a congregation in the 5 minutes before Mass? I'm still deciding between Gloria VII (de Angelis)-according to the Liber Cantualis- and XV. XV is definitely easier, but really pretty boring sounding, but VII is kind of hard for a congregation to learn from what I've heard, even though it is the one that "every Catholic is supposed to know." [btw-my priest says that often {that one of the popes wrote that about the Jubilate Deo Mass-which in some books this particular Gloria is called, but I can't figure out when they're given the name as opposed to number} my priest says that what I am here calling Gloria VII is the one that some pope said we are all supposed to know. ] does anyone actually know where that is written/documented?)


The Catholic Upstart said...

Ask the Hymn Selector at

Mara Joy said...

this is fun...Fr. Fox's post which I found today and quoted above, answers my questions and helps a lot!

Brian Michael Page said...

I taught the Gloria in three sections, one each week, then on the fourth week, we went through the whole thing once through.

Not everybody caught on right away, of course. But then, not everybody was willing either. We went and did it anyways. They'll get over it.