Tuesday, April 03, 2007


yay! recital is done! I'm just so happy I don't even know how to describe it. Basically my entire choir came, and were all quite impressed, and then basically all of my friends came, which was really wonderful. Someone told me that they did give away the last of the programs, which would be 115 people. I cannot even describe how it felt to look out over the audience, and to think how much I love EVERY SINGLE person who was there. I didn't put flyers all over the music school like most people do, cuz I didn't want any critical music school people there! (not that they would have come or anything...) yeah, that was great. and now I'm just so happy it's over! And real life can begin... (tee hee...)
like thinking about Holy Week-the most wonderful week of the year! I love it!

question about Holy Thursday-
currently I have "Lift High the Cross" scheduled for the opening. I'm torn. It just seems a little bit too...happy? for Holy Thursday? But maybe not. any other suggestions? I only have Ritual Song and Seasonal Missalette, and I guess I have until tomorrow night (choir practice) to decide...

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Jonathan McLear said...

I have the same processional scheduled... as I see it, we're beginning a 3-day-long liturgy, the Triduum. Big is good. :-)

Jon McLear